Finding What is Happiness in Life

If we want to live an enjoyable and peaceful life, we need to have a clear understanding what is happiness and how to discover it.

Every human being who lives on this planet is looking for such a way. It also includes the people who commit crimes; they believe that the acts they do are in a position to help them with discovering happiness.

Are you looking forward to achieving happiness in your life? The good news is – it should not be as complicated to find it as sometimes we make. That is why it is essential to have a clear understanding of the key components to reaching this goal.

Accept Life As It Is

The world we live in is always subjected to change. We have to face difficult times as well as happy times in our lives. We need to be aware of this fact if we understand what happiness in life is.

This is similar to the change of seasons that take place around the year – after summer, autumn is bound to come, and there’s no need to feel depressed when the rainy days start.  The summer will come back again.

So accept, with equanimity and peace of mind, the fact that you feel upset, depressed or even happy, and know that it will change too because Live is a constant change!

Acceptance alone would significantly change your life positively.


If you can keep your mind equanimous, you will be able to stay happy with what you have. Out of the methods available for us to make the mind calm, meditation has received a lot of attention.

Meditation for me is a hygiene of mind. Similarly, as I wash my body twice per day, with this relaxing method, I clean my mind before the day and before the night. In the morning it increases energy level and awareness so that I can face upcoming challenges with minimum hassle.

When I take part in meditation during evenings, I can calm down my wild mind. Then I can let go all the worries collected during the day, and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Trust me – it can improve your sleep quality significantly!

Give More

From the proven studies, it has been identified that people feel happier and more fulfilled when they are sharing and giving more to the community. Giving is not all about money, it can be our time and skills as well. Therefore, we can look for a program to volunteer and contribute towards the community that we are living in.

Giving love, care, compliments or hugs also counts, and it returns to us here and now.

Be Grateful

We, human beings, like to complain. A lot! And that is opposite direction towards happiness.

Unfortunately, we forget to appreciate what we have right now. And when we stop and take a moment to look around, we can see so many things to be grateful for.

It can be even simple ones: Am I healthy? Have I slept under the roof? Have I had a shower and breakfast this morning? Does anyone care about me now?

Thousands of people in this world are living even without necessary facilities. Therefore, we need to be grateful for the fantastic and comfortable life that we are blessed with.

Pure gratefulness makes us feel truly rich from within. It is one of the best methods available to learn how to stay fulfilled with what you have.


Humans, like every other creature in nature, most grow or die.

If we do not feel the growth in spiritually, physically, in our job (as professionals), relations, etc. we do not feel fulfilled. Therefore it is crucial to act on what realizes us and drives us forward.

So, what turn you on?

There’s no mystery – the more time we invest in ourselves, the happier we feel. Therefore, we should go ahead and spend your time in activities that can make you feel the pleasure. Exercises and reading are two perfect examples of such actions.

Get Enough Rest

If we want to feel physically and mentally sharp, while maintaining high energy levels, we must obtain enough top quality sleep. That would mean, number of hours spent in bed are not important at all. It is all about achieving enough time in a deep sleep state. A few such hours fully can charge our batteries prepare for the upcoming day.

At the same time, it is vital to get up early in the morning as well. During the morning, we are much more productive and creative. Therefore, our goal must be – to start a day with nature.

Eat Nourishing Foods

I completely agree with saying “you are what you eat.”

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time on researching for simple things then we go ahead and buy. And unfortunately, in a supermarket, we purchase products without even looking to the content. And all these unhealthy foods bring nothing but lack of energy, illness, overweight, etc.

On the other hand, eating healthy foods and drinking enough water increase energy level and positively affect our body, mind, and emotions. Therefore, we must always stick to natural food options, which contribute to our health, happiness, and wellbeing.


Even minimal physical activities such as jogging, walking, cycling, yoga, the Five Tibet Rites or other physical activities can increase a person’s emotional well-being.

We just have to dedicate a few hours per week for yourself, and we will be provided with surprisingly positive results in the long run.

 So, is it easy to achieve happiness?

Achieving peace of mind and happiness in life is much easier than we think. Unfortunately, most of the people find it a difficult task to do, mainly due to busy and crazy lifestyles or even laziness.

What we need to do, is just take full responsibility for our lives and to promise ourselves to transform into a better version of us.

Then take action on introducing some simple changes in our daily routine. The effort we make will reflect positively on our daily lives quite soon.

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