How To Accept Life As It Is?

How many people are happy in their real life? How many of them are living their life? How many of them ready to accept the reality? The answers to these questions are unknown. You can claim that you are happy even though you are not. This will lead you to denial mode. This is a mode, which will ruin you if you fail to accept different things and reality of your existence. You might say to yourself that I want to change my life. You want to adapt to the situation that you are facing. Is it easy to bring in all the changes in your life? On the other hand, you can only wait for the right moment. Whatever the situation is, acceptance brings a new dimension to your life. In this article, we will look at the importance of acceptance in our life and its impact on our happiness and joy.

Why do we need to accept the life as it is?

Just consider any hypothetical example in your life that needs acceptance. For example, you are a weak-hearted person, who wants to do big in his life but fear of losing the challenge. It should not affect you. It should not stop you from doing what you should have done. Just accept that you are weak hearted and face the challenges. If you fail at challenges, then accept it and move ahead to get the success. This is why it is important to accept things. It will help you to move forward in your life. This way you will soon find the happiness in your life.

World demands acceptance

Just look around you. Is everything stationary? No right. Time ticks, days roll and seasons come and go. Nothing is permanent. Then why are we dwelling on the past? Things change and world rotates. The world demands change in our selves. We need to accept the sheer reality of it. There is a huge chance that tomorrow you will behave differently than today. You may be behaving differently than yesterday. You might be feeling pain, sorrow, and difficulty today. Wait for the moment to change, and you will see the sunshine again, which will bring back the happiness in your life.

Importance of acceptance in your life

Most of us think about how to accept reality. There is no hard and fast rule for the question. All you need to do is analyze the situation. If you know about different factors like need, desire, anger, emotions and your behavior, then you can easily accept the reality. It will add the sense of calmness and keeps you in real life. All your demons are just small situations. It is a matter of time before they are gone. If you live in denial and lie to yourself and your work, then you will not find the peace of mind. With acceptance, you will overcome it. With acceptance comes the understanding of objectives and temporary problems. If you are thinking too much about your problem, then they become part of you. They will become a matter of importance. Do not let it become a part of your life.

Things Out of control and acceptance

Some people think too much about everything, which is taking place around them. Many of them are out of control. If you start to think about controlling things, which are uncontrollable, then it is pointless. Just let the uncontrollable things go. Let them pass. If the temperature is too high, then you cannot control it. Why worry about it. This does not mean you ignore everything around you. This is how you justify the thinking of “I need to change my life”. Think, if the things can be controlled then control it. If they cannot then let it go.

  • Do not dwell on past – Best thing or method is to not to dwell on your past. Try to live in the present as much as possible. You can even plan for future. However, accept whatever happened in the past is past. You cannot change it.
  • Learn to forgive yourself – It is good to feel guilt or express guilt after doing anything wrong. However, learn to move on. Not just moving on. However, moving on forward by forgiving yourself.
  • Do not overreact – Some things are tough. However, they are time bounded. If you think that, they will ruin your life and you continue to overreact then you will lose all the happiness.
  • Stay updated and patient – People say ignorance is bliss. It is true to certain extent. However, if you keep on doing it, then you will ignore everything, which is important to you. Stay updated not ignored. Stay patient to counter any negativity.
  • Live with expectancy – If you have $100 to spend, then you cannot spend $500. Accept that you have just $100 then live within that mark.



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