Why Should You Get A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test?

It’s a common belief that minerals and vitamins are good for our health. However, this is a partial truth, as not every supplement is good for the health. The level of minerals and vitamins in the body decides their effects. At the standard levels, they are good, and their excess or deficit levels may cause problems. The identification of the quantities of mineral deposits and their excretion is necessary. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is an effective way to to get the comprehensive overview of the vitamins and minerals of our body.

What is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test?

It’s a test to determine the mineral levels in the body. It helps to identify the mineral deficiency and mineral toxicity in the body.  The test data helps to improve the levels of performance, energy, and mental clarity.

The test is critical to identify the causes of various diseases. These diseases originate from following factors

  • Metal and chemical toxicity
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Mineral imbalance

Below you can find my hair test report overview.

As you can see, it clearly reveals excessive levels of:

  • Hg – Mercury. During that period, our family was eating fish instead of meat every week. The reason behind was to eat healthier. The test proved – eating only fish is not so healthy as it contains a high amount of mercury.
  • Se – Selenium. Do to skin problems, I’m using shampoo regularly which contains Selenium element and, therefore, it excessive amount was detected in my hair.
  • Ca and Fe elements are on the edge, so no big concern there.

Why is hair used for the test?

The human body removes heavy metals and minerals from places like hairs. This makes the hair an ideal candidate for mineral analysis. There are many reasons to get Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA test. Some of them are discussed below.

The need to test mineral levels

Minerals are necessary for almost all the enzyme reactions. The normal mineral levels are a prerequisite for a healthy body. This requires adequate intake of minerals and an ideal mineral correlation. The importance of minerals makes a test of their levels critical.

What to expect from a mineral test like HTMA?

The test for minerals allows access to the following information

  • The relationship between the minerals
  • The pattern of mineral deposits in the body
  • The individual levels of minerals in the body

The above data reveal the information about your health and the body chemistry. Therefore, this is a critical test for us, to preserve and strengthen the health of your body and mind

Know about your body chemistry

The Hair mineral analysis test reveals the information about your body chemistry. It allows you to know the mineral levels and their placement. It also tells you about the presence of toxic metals and their levels. This information helps to correct the mineral irregularities. Which is necessary for good health.

Get accurate results

The 40 years of research makes the HTMA, an effective way to analyze minerals and metals in a body of a human. The results are accurate enough to draw a conclusion and take action upon it.

Correct mineral imbalance

The HTMA provides the actual state of minerals in detail. This allows for the accurate identification of deficit minerals and level of deficiency. This information can be helpful in planning supplementation to address individual mineral deficits. This method helps you to supplement these minerals. The supplementation of minerals helps to restore the mineral levels. This also prevents potential problems due to their deficit. The correction can be made accurately due to the available information.


Prevent mineral imbalance

The data from the test allows analyzing the lacking minerals. This helps in the identification of factors that cause their deficit. So, you can avoid those factors that lead to the deficit of a particular mineral. Thus, you can prevent potential mineral imbalances.

Screen for toxic deposits

The lifestyle and environmental changes have made human a repository of metals. These metals are harmful to the health. The toxic metal can cause many health problems. The HTMA provides a  reliable method to monitor the detoxification process. This helps in detecting toxic metals over time. The data gained can help in the treatment existing health problems. It also helps in the prevention of potential health problems. Mercury, aluminum, and copper are the most common metals present in the body.

HTMA and biochemistry

The mineral level and their ratios affect the cellular functions. They also constitute the biochemistry of the human body. They are known to affect the cognitive and physical performance. The HTMA supplies the information of the biochemistry of the body. The information it provides makes HTMA an important tool to promote good health.

Correction of biochemical imbalances

The HTMA aids in correcting the biochemistry imbalances. This involves supplying deficit nutrients to the body and detoxification. The method allows the following

  • Targeted Supplementation- It provides supplementation to the particular minerals that are in deficit.
  • Detoxification- Elimination of mineral that is in excess. Also, the identification of toxic metals being eliminated.
  • Avoid things that harm the biochemical balance.

Unlock your potential

The biochemistry balance correction helps enhance the overall performance. The benefits of using HTMA to correct biochemical balance are as follows

  • It improves cognition and cognitive functions
  • Emotional stability
  • Weight loss through metabolic rate correction
  • It enhances stress resilience
  • It improves the nutritional state
  • It balances the biochemistry
  • Regrowths the hair and the nail

HTMA and your health

The HTMA results provide an accurate picture of the current health state. This helps in the identification of health issues before their manifestation of symptoms. It also allows the information of biochemistry imbalances. The symptoms usually manifest after a certain stage of the illness. The HTMA helps to address the medical issue proactively.

It aids in the identification of the root causes of health conditions. The root causes are often nutritional mineral deficiency and metal or chemical toxicity. The advance information allows you to plan and efficiently handle the problem.

The importance of minerals cannot be ignored in the normal functioning of human body. It also provides the levels toxic metal in the body. This makes HTMA an import tool, to understand the natural state of minerals. Also, HTMA aids in promoting wellness and improving overall performance.


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